Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So CARIS sure is speedy with their replies. I normally always hear back within a few hours, and sure enough, I had a response waiting for me this morning!

As with most programs that can write to GSF, CARIS simply implements the C-code available for download from SAIC's website. The extra-padding issue could be a bug in the original C-code then. Perhaps the 0 - 3 byte padding allowance listed in the specification document is not actually enforced.

However, I also wonder if this issue is related to the fact that CARIS only writes out sonar-specific sub-records for RESON systems. The GSFs I generate from RESON systems do not have the extra padding, but the SIMRAD ones do. I wonder if something about how the C-code writes out the records causes there to be extra bytes when the sonar sub-record it missing.

Maybe it is supposed to signify an unknown sonar type with an empty subrecord?

If someone happens to stumble along this post that has had a similar issue, feel free to drop me a line.

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