Monday, August 31, 2009

A Call for Generic Sensor Format (GSF) files

I am putting out a call for GSF files to help test out the GSF-reader I am writing.

I have tested my GSF-reader with files I have found around CCOM; however, they all seem to be generated by CARIS, which only outputs certain records within the GSF file.

I am particularly interested in GSF files containing one or all of the following records:

1) BRB Intensity subrecord with time-series intensity records for each beam

2) Simrad, or non-Reson, sonar-specific subrecords

3) Sector Number, and Detection Info subrecord arrays

4) Reson-specific Quality Flags array

5) HV Navigation Error record

If you have such a GSF file that you can send me, please email me.


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