Saturday, April 20, 2013

Proposing a session on oceanic transform fault and intraplate environments at AGU!

Last year, while I was presenting my poster at the AGU Fall meeting, I realized that there is a small, but dedicated community of folks that study fault zone structure and processes related to oceanic transform faults. I had only met a few of them, but I wanted to do something to facilitate bringing everyone together for discussion and possible collaboration. I decided that I was going to propose an AGU session that specifically focused on oceanic transform fault research. I started off by talking to some other folks at the conference about it to gauge interest, and everyone I mentioned it to seemed pretty keen about the idea. Encouraged by the level of interest, I decided to move forward.

A friend of mine, Kasey Aderhold, is a PhD student at Boston University. Her research looks at strike-slip earthquakes in the ocean, both in the intraplate regions and along fracture zones. We decided to team up and propose a joint session, along with our respective advisors. We are pretty stoked about it, and hope that this session is successful in bringing everyone together. It will also be an invaluable experience for us, as students, to be able to convene an AGU session. Our advisors are both influential women in the field, and while I have nothing against all the male geophysicists out there, I am proud that our session is all woman-powered. 

We won't know until June if our session has been approved, but our fingers are crossed. If you know anyone who studies fault structure and/or seismicity in the ocean, feel free to share this with them. The more the merrier. It would be very exciting if we had enough abstract submissions to our session that we can have both a poster and oral session.

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