Wednesday, September 17, 2008

USCGC Healy and the CCGS Louis St-Laurent

After we disembarked the Healy on Sept. 5  and helo ops were completed the next day, Healy met up with the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker the Louis St. Laurent. During this mission, Healy will be breaking ice for the Louis St-Laurent allowing her to tow seismic gear in order to map the sub-bottom. Healy will be collecting multibeam data during the course of the operations. 

According to the USCG's Healy update webpage,  the Louis St-Laurent has been helping out Healy as well, breaking ice for her as they transit to the seismic sites in order to improve the multibeam data quality. 

Back on Sept. 3, as we were headed back to Barrow,  the Louis St-Laurent sent her helicopter over to say hello:

On Sept. 5 the Healy commenced her own helo ops, bringing new people aboard, taking old people off, and of course, delivering the mail (no mail buoys for this Coast Guard vessel!):

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