Tuesday, June 15, 2010

M5.7 Quake shakes up my folks

Ahh... nothing like waking up in the morning and finding a Facebook post from your dad mentioning they just got rocked by a M5.7 earthquake. At least I know they are alright if they can post a status update about it. That's a pretty decent sized quake, and they said they felt the rolling for about 10 - 15 seconds. Luckily they are far enough away from the epicenter, near Mexicali, CA, that most of the higher frequency energy was already absorbed and they just felt the lower energy stuff.

Here's a link to the USGS webpage for the quake: USGS event map. If you live near the area and felt the quake, be sure to go to the USGS link provided and fill out their shaking intensity form. Scientists use this data to determine the shaking intensity of the event and it helps provide data in areas that may not be covered by instrumentation.

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