Saturday, February 14, 2009

Once again, Sprint Customer Service proves they suck

I just received my Sprint bill and noticed an erroneous charge. There was a 90 cent fee for trying to check my voicemail on January 27. Their bill code claims that not only was I over my minutes, but that I was also out of network. I looked at the bill and realized I was actually 50 minutes under my limit still at the time of the call and I also had free roaming included in my plan. Of course, I should also mention that I have not traveled in the last month, so that is a moot point anyway. I decided to call them, because even though the charge was only about a buck, I was curious about how they got it wrong. I spent nearly 20 minutes on the phone and the guy helping me kept saying I was over my minutes. I asked him that if that were the case, why my other calls that day and the next were not charged. I also pointed out that the according the bill, I did not actually reach my maximum minutes until a couple days later. He just kept saying nights and weekends are free. Nights start at 7 pm, and Tuesday is not a weekend day. I tried explaining this to him, but he kept repeating that the reason my other calls were fine was due to nights and weekends. Nevermind the fact the other calls were before 7 pm and were mid-week (Tuesday through Thursday). I ended up completely frustrated, and just told him that I did not waste any more time with him explaining the order of the days of the week, not to mention simple math.

Honestly, Sprint is the worst phone company I have ever dealt with. When I first got the phone it came with a 50 dollar service credit (even said so on my receipt). It took three months and three phone calls for them to honor it, and one guy actually accused me of making it up because he could not find the promotional code in his computer. When I told him I still had the receipt and that my next call would be to the better business bureau if he did not fix the issue immediately, he finally transferred me to someone who issued the credit.

I was warned Sprint had the worst customer service and I believe it to be true. Unfortunately, where I live, only Sprint gets service. Everywhere else in NH seems fine, but Newmarket seems to be a black hole. I cannot wait to get rid of my Sprint phone for good!


  1. Monica,
    Go to
    They are known to police your monthly bill and keep your price plan in check. AND they send an email to customer service so you dont have to deal with customer service reps lengthy phone calls...

    My sister had a similar situation and found that she had errors on her voicemail charges (some were $.40, some were $.55)

    Hope this helps

  2. After checking it out, looks pretty sweet actually. For me, as of right now, it is not worth the 5 bucks for one report (they offer a discount in bulk), but if I ever get a crazy bill then I will submit it for sure. In the meantime, I am still in countdown mode for July.