Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LaTeXiT: LaTeX equations without the fuss

It did not take much for me to be sold on the idea that LaTeX typesets equations better than OpenOffice or MS Office. In a recent project I typed up in MS Word for my acoustics class, every time I made phi lowercase in one of my equations, it messed up the entire equation format. Why? It makes no sense. I tried NeoOffice, but finding the necessary symbols in its equation editor is a headache all on its own. Then I saw my friend Brian show how well LaTeX can generate equations. But what if you do not want to bother creating a whole LaTeX document? What if you just want a little equation or two?

Enter LaTexIt. This little tool lets you create LaTeX quality equations that can be saved in various formats (PDF, TIFF, etc.) and dropped into any number of programs, such as Word, Powerpoint, etc. It is great if you just want to make a quick equation without having to do a complete LaTex file creation.

Sorry Windows users, this one is Mac only, though I am sure there is a Windows equivalent.

Here is the program up and running, with an example of an equation I just typed:

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