Sunday, January 18, 2009

Website, anyone?

UNH provides free website hosting for UNH students, faculty, and staff. There are no formatting constraints and you have 256 MB of space. I followed the directions provided by CIS for setting up my public_html directory (if they mention telnet or ftp however, use shh and sftp instead so your password stays encrypted). From my home directory, I then ran the command:

$ umask 022

which will automatically apply world readable permissions to all files that I add to my public_html directory. If you chose to use umask as well, be careful and double-check the results. You do not want to inadvertently open up secure documents to the world.

I decided to cheat on making my webpage (at least until I have more time), so I used the free iWeb program that came with my Mac. It is pretty simply to use, and while not truly WYSIWYG, it seems to work well enough. This webpage effort has also led me to finally start playing around with Photoshop, and as a result I was able to do some pretty nifty things with the images behind the text on my C.V. page. *Sigh* I think my dork factor just went up another notch.

Anyway, the webpage is still a work in progress, but you can check it out here.

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