Saturday, January 3, 2009

Free SVN client for Mac!

Today I went hunting around for a good, and free, svn client for Mac that would allow me to actually view/edit my svn repositories. I am getting a hang of the terminal commands for svn, but I wanted something to make it easy to browse what is in my svn directories. I found that and more in a program called svnX.

svnX allows you to easily view multiple svn directories, use checkout/check in features, browse past revisions, etc. Best of all: totally free.

Here is a screen grab of svnX connect to my svn repository on my school's server:

(svn repository browser, organized by revision number)

When I first opened the program, I got a small error message because the default is to assume your svn binary files are located in usr/local/bin. However, if you installed and run svn via fink, your binary file locations is actually /sw/bin.

Update: To add a file, you can simply drag-and-drop between svnX and the Finder. In order for this to work though, you must drop the file directly onto the folder icon of the repository directory. I spent a few rather frustrating minutes trying to figure this out.

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