Thursday, January 7, 2016

AGU and Post Docs

Well, my re-dedication to my blog hit a brief snafu as AGU ended up being crazy as usual and last minute postdoc applications (*fingers crossed*) took up the rest of my time.

AGU was fun, as always, and completely crazy due to the sheer number of talks and posters, as usual. It was great to meet up with friends, catch up with colleagues, and, of course, catch some great talks and posters.

I presented a poster on my global characterization of mid-ocean ridge transform fault structure and the relationship between fault segmentation and the underlying fault thermal structure, which controls the width of the seismogenic zone. You can view and download a high-res PNG version of my poster here: AGU poster.

Below is a low-res screen grab:

It is stuff I have presented before as preliminary results, but the work is now finalized. I have been working on my global characterization of fault structure for a few years now, updating it as new versions of global bathymetric grids become available. My committee and I decided to hold off on publishing it until we finalize the scaling relation work, as combining the two makes for a much stronger paper. Of course, all of this is now published in my dissertation. Writing this all up for publication in a journal will be one of my top goals over the next couple of months.

Speaking of my dissertation, a link to the PDF document be found here: Dissertation. ProQuest has the final version, and once it is officially published online, I'll write a new post and include the direct link.

Oh, due to said postdoc applications, my AGU poster ended up being put together much later than anticipated. I ended up using AGU's own poster printing services provided by Copy Central. For $119, I received a high-res full color 3' x 5' poster printed on heavyweight paper. It looked amazing, and for the convenience of picking it up at the conference the morning of my presentation, it was worth every penny. I highly recommend their services.

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