Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look Ma, I Created an Anaglyph!

I just stumbled across a pretty sweet Matlab-framework tool called Mirone that allows you to do all sorts of analyses to various grid/image formats.

If you do not have Matlab, there is a standalone version that runs on Windows. For Mac folks, it will run under Snow Leopard if you have Matlab 2009, but sadly does not seem to work in Matlab 2007 on 10.5.

I am currently running it on my Windows desktop at school using Matlab 2009b and I am pretty impressed. It has a bunch of image processing/geophysical tools at its disposal. In just a few minutes of playing, I was able to open a GMT grid and plot plate boundaries and earthquake epicenters on it.

What mainly got me excited about it was that I was also able to generate a pretty sweet anaglyph. If you have a pair of red-blue glasses, give it a looksie! The area is the Carlsberg Ridge in the Indian Ocean. I recommend double-clicking the image to open it in full-size.

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